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GraphicCom stands for creativity, collaboration, and customer service.


Our many years of experience and our zest for artistic creation make us the ideal partner for all of your company's graphic design needs. It is important to us to speak with our clients in detail to be able to create something truly unique for their business. We encourage feedback since it is always incorporated into our work.


GraphicCom specializes in high profile marketing solutions that create a dialog between you and your market. Since 1980, we have provided high quality, comprehensive graphic services to businesses both large and small. Our goal is to provide the best service and products without the high costs typically associated with the professional design industry.


We have established expertise in vinyl graphic applications for high profile signage, banners, storefront lettering, and vehicle identification. Our products are made of 3M or Arlon high performance vinyls that are durable and vibrant. Let us help you create business solutions that you can use to advertise, promote, and position your company as an industry leader.

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Our Services

We offer a range of design services— from brand creation and concept development to all things digital, including website design, online advertising, mobile campaigns, and more.

Custom Cut Vinyl

Advertise 24/7/365 with top-quality vinyl on your company vehicles, signs, and storefronts.

Large Format Printing

Don't just be seen, be remembered with the eye catching, rich color of high resolution printing.

Vehicle Graphics

Add a new dimension to your corporate advertising and promotions with custom vehicle graphics.


Promote your company like never before.


Stay in touch with your clients.


Let us create a company logo or design layout that makes a lasting impression.


The making of vehicle graphics, signage, marketing materials, and designs involve various factors which comprise the project. Some of those factors include what type of file format to use when printing a decal, what font to use in a layout, and whether cast vinyl or calandered vinyl is more viable than the other. Knowing a bit of information going in will help you to make informed decisions about your project. Refer to the links below to learn more about what goes into creating custom graphics.

  • File Formats

  • Fonts/Text

  • Resolution/Bitmap/Raster

  • Vector Artwork

  • Cast or Calandered

  • Color Modes

feet of Vinyl Printed
Projects completed
hours of design time

Our Team

The designers at Graphic Communications are passionate about ensuring that our clients' visual presentations are making a positive impact on potential customers. We can work from existing business materials or produce fresh new visual ideas from scratch. Our design services will get you noticed.







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Business cards

UV or Matte finish
Full Color
Single and double sided

  • Qty 250 = $35.50
  • Qty 500 = $40.50
  • Qty 1,000 = $52.50
  • Qty 2,500 = $80.00
  • Qty 5,000 = $110.00

Vehicle Magnets

12" by 24" wide fits most vehicles
Eco-Sol inks
Exterior durability of 5-7 years
2 mil cast overlaminate
High performance cast vinyl
20 mil magnet substrate
Round corners

  • Qty 1 $39.50 ea.
  • Qty 2 $37.50 ea.
  • Qty 3 $33.50 ea.
  • Qty 4 $32.50 ea.
  • Qty 5 $30.50 ea.
  • Qty 6 $27.50 ea.

Yard Signs

Full Color
Must order in multiples or 10

  • Qty 10 s/s $11.50 d/s $12.50
  • Qty 20 s/s $10.50 d/s $11.50
  • Qty 30 s/s $10.00 d/s $11.00
  • Qty 50 s/s $9.00 d/s $10.00
  • Qty 100 s/s $8.00 d/s $9.00


80lb Gloss Book
Full color
Single or double sided

  • Qty 500 = $165.00
  • Qty 1,000 = $180.00
  • Qty 2,500 = $260.00
  • Qty 5,000 = $350.00
  • Qty 10,000 = $675.00

NCR Forms

2 part without numbering
Full color
With variable numbering add
$25.00 per order

  • Qty 100 = $90.00
  • Qty 250 = $110.00
  • Qty 500 = $130.00

Post Cards

4"X6" 16pt
UV or matte finish
Full color
Single or double sided

  • Qty 100 = $45.00
  • Qty 250 = $60.00
  • Qty 500 = $75.00
  • Qty 1,000 = $90.00
  • Qty 2,500 = $130.00
  • Qty 5,000 = $225.00

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Nov. , 2018

Infographics have evolved in recent years to become a means of mass communication; they are designed to reach a wider audience by simplifying complex subjects and arranging it in an easy to digest format, unlike other types of visualizations.

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Paul Rand is best known for his logo design and corporate branding, creating timeless icons such as the IBM and ABC television logos. He was one of the first American commercial artists to embrace and practice the Swiss Style of graphic design.

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Type is everywhere, whether you notice it or not. Type is 95% of design and It’s the driving force of all visual communication. Selecting the right type can influence the effectiveness of communication and how it is perceived.

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Importance of Color in Branding

August , 2018

Color is very important in branding and marketing because it’s where first impressions of customers are based. Also, color is the secret in producing a good identity for a company. Colors are more than just a visual aid because colors convey emotions, feelings and experiences.

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History of Vinyl Graphics

July , 2018

In the last decade, vehicle graphics have transformed from an activity normally utilized by businesses with fleet trucks to a popular option for consumers and their cars, trucks, and SUVs. Companies have been using graphics to advertise on their vehicles for more than a century.

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June , 2018

Constructivism is an artistic and architectural philosophy that originated in Russia beginning in 1913 by Vladimir Tatlin. The movement was in favor of art as a practice for social purposes. Constructivism had a great effect on modern art movements of the 20th century.

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